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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in News, Workers' Comp | 0 comments

Workers Compensation Disputes

It seems like suffering an injury due to an accident at work and claiming appropriate benefits should be a straightforward matter, in which it is easily determined whether the injury occurred while performing work-related activities or not. However, this is, unfortunately, far from reality for many injured Iowa workers. When most Iowa employees are injured due to a workplace accident, they are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits that address their specific situation and injuries; however, there are many ways in which this process of receiving benefits can become complicated. In these situations a dispute may arise between the injured employee and their employer or the insurance company.

One of the most common reasons for workers compensation disputes is an injured worker being denied benefits. When a worker feels that they are unfairly being denied benefits, they may wish to dispute the decision. Additionally, a dispute may arise due to a worker feeling that the benefits they are awarded are not sufficient to address their situation and injuries or to a worker not agreeing with the medical treatment or caregiver with which they are provided. In these cases, an injured worker does not have to simply accept whatever decision was made; they can seek several other options in order to try to obtain the benefits that they may be rightfully due.

What Can Be Done

If you believe that the decision made regarding your workers compensation claim or the types of benefits you are receiving are not correct, you do have certain options for seeking a modification of the decision. Below are the steps you may wish to take when you have a workers compensation dispute:

Speak with your employer and/or the insurance carrier to try to resolve the dispute before taking further action
Speak with a compliance administrator to discuss your options and determine what can be done
File for a contested case proceeding, which will be overseen by the workers compensation commissioner

Workers compensation disputes are even more complicated than filing for workers compensation initially is, making the support of qualified Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers extremely valuable. Contact a knowledgeable legal professional today to discuss your situation and better understand your options when facing a workers compensation dispute.

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