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Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Kids and Teens | 0 comments

Who might be liable when a child suffer injury from playing a defective toy?

Parents are happy when they see that their child is enjoying the toys that they have bought for them. However, when their child sustains toy-related injuries, anxiety follows as they might need to shed a substantial amount of their finances to make sure their child recover from his or her injuries. To possibly recover expensive hospitalizations, the website of Abel Law Firm says that individuals whose loved ones sustained injuries from using unsafe toys may file a legal claim against negligent parties.

Parents who have decided to file a product liability claim initially need to determine all the parties involved in the defective toy that cause harm to the child. Determining all the negligent parties is important for parents to possibly get a full recovery of their losses. While parents may automatically assume that the manufacturer, supplier and the retailer of the defective toys are negligent, there are times that several other parties like “middlemen” or other contractors that can be held liable in the distribution chain. Parents should note that big businesses often operate as corporations may have evolved, changed its name, or have been acquired by other companies. As such, the companies that are being blamed for the defective toy may possibly acquire the defect from previous companies. Parents might as well file damage claims against previous company owners. Parents should understand that they can file a legal claim even they are not the ones who bought or the direct user of the toy.

Parents may file a product liability claim if their child suffers injuries from a defective toy that was given to them as a gift by other people. Parents may also file a claim if their child suffers injuries as a result of a defective toy being played by another child. Parents who are pursuing damage claims against a toy company may realize that they are dealing with intimidating company lawyers who are well-trained in handling cases against their clients.

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