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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Disability Law, News | 1 comment

How Long Term Disability Benefits Can Help You

hankey lawAny injury or disability can be life-changing and cause you to consider options for financial aid. This is especially true for those who suffer from a disability that causes long term dependence. Sometimes disabilities result in the inability to return to a normal job and earn a regular paycheck, and many require constant attention and care from a medical specialist. None of these things come cheaply, so it’s critical that a person with a long term disability understand what long term disability benefits are and how they could help them to remain financially sound throughout the duration of a disability.

A person might require long term disability benefits for a number of reasons, but generally, people develop some form of disability from an accident or injury, which causes them to be removed from their daily work. This means that they lose a regular paycheck and likely need another means of paying their daily bills and expenses, such as utility bills, rent, and medical costs. Long term disability benefits from Social Security are one option that many people turn to, but because this process can be difficult to manage and quite long to complete, many seek legal help to avoid making errors that could ruin their application.

How Long Term Benefits Might Help

Long term disability benefits may help struggling individuals and their families in a number of ways. Among the more commonly cited benefits of receiving long term disability payments are:

-Income supplementation
-Removal of emotional stress
-Regularity of monetary support
-Ability to retain a home or other property
-Ability to pay bills and daily expenses
-Financial security
-Ability to pay for medical treatment and attention

While these are possibly not all of the benefits a person may receive, they are some of the most important.

Legal Support

If you or someone you love has developed a long term disability and would like to know more about receiving long term disability benefits, contact an experienced Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer today to discuss your case.

1 Comment

  1. Long term disability can be a real struggle for most people to deal with, so it’s good to see some advice for people trying to cope with this difficult situation.

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