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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Law | 1 comment

Determining Child Custody During Divorce

In a divorce that involves children, spouses will have to reach an agreement regarding the custody of their children. Child custody agreements are among the most hotly contested issues in divorces, because both parents often have strong feelings about which parent the child should retain full or partial custody over. Determining child custody is based on a variety of different factors, but the top priority of any court will be to keep the best interests of any child involved in mind as the determination is eventually made. Once a child custody agreement has been established, it must be respected by both parents, and any deviation could result in legal action.

One of the first factors that could determine child custody is the cause of the divorce in the first place. If, for instance, the divorce stems from the physical incapacity of one parent because of a substance abuse problem, that parent is almost certain to lose custody over a child. Other factors are equally important, however, especially if there is no one to blame for a divorce. Some of these other factors include:

Request of the child / children
Current and projected incomes of both parents
Mental stability of both parents
Educational or medical needs of a child / children
Physical location of both parents’ homes

All of these factors will likely be observed by a court that is trying to determine the appropriate custody arrangement for a divorcing couple. Sometimes parents are dissatisfied with the custody agreement that is eventually reached; thus,in order to make sure that their needs and wants are met, many people enlist legal assistance for their custody battle.

If you or someone you know is going through divorce and you have a custody agreement in question, contact an experienced Orlando child custody attorney today, to ensure that you have the legal representation you need to fight for the agreement that you want.

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