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Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in News | 0 comments

Common Probation Violations

People are placed on probation for any number of reasons, and its important that they not violate the terms of their probations, since any violation can result in serious legal consequences. Sometimes, probation violations can result in an extension of ones probationary period, incarceration, hefty legal fines, and other penalties. The unfortunate part, however, is that many people who violate their probations don’t even know that they have done something illegal. Probation violations are actually rather common, but the penalties that accompany these violations can differ in severity, depending on the unique circumstances of the violation and the persons situation.

Knowing about and understanding your specific probation terms can prevent a lot of trouble legally. However, if a person has violated his or her probation in some way, there may still be options for avoiding harsher penalties.

Several Common Violations

Probation terms vary from person to person, but certain violations are more common, such as the following:

* Speaking or associating with a known felon
* Not showing up for a meeting with a probation officer
* Being charged with another crime while on probation
* Not passing a drug or alcohol test
* Not paying costs associated with court proceedings
* Not completing all of ones community service hours / assignments

All of these violations might result in a charge of probation violation. Violating ones probation, as stated above, can result in numerous penalties, but the most common is either an extension of a probationary period or jail time.

If youre facing charges of a probation violation, its important to have legal help at your side. You may be able to avoid the often harsh penalties associated with violating ones probation terms. If you or someone you know has been charged with probation violation, contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your legal options and defense.

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