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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in News | 0 comments

Common Injuries From Dog Bites

Americans are not ashamed of their love for dogs. Across the nation, individuals and families own an estimate 78.3 million dogs, putting a dog in close to 40 percent of all households. Because of this, dogs are atop of the pet popularity list in every state across the United States. Often referred to as mans best friend, dogs are normally friendly and loving animals; however, there are some cases where dogs may get aggressive and protective. When this happens, they can act out and bite an innocent person, potentially causing serious injuries.

If a dog acts aggressively, he or she can unfortunately cause a lot of damage to an unsuspecting or innocent victim. Suffering a potentially serious dog bite can be severely damaging not only physically but also mentally. Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets on leashes or behind a fence at all times, especially if they are a bigger or more aggressive dog. Dog bites can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. That is why you should consider taking legal action.

Most Common Dog Bite Injuries
Close to 80,000 people receive medical treatment every year across the country because of a dog bite injuries. These injuries may require serious medical attention. Some of the most common injuries people suffer as a result of a dog attack are:

* Serious lacerations
* Strains or sprains
* Broken bones
* Disfigurement
* Infections or risk of developing a disease

Treating these injuries can potential cost you a large amount of money and may even prevent you from going to work. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially because of a reckless dog owners actions. You can hold these owners liable today by speaking with a Detroit dog bite attorney and discussing your legal rights and options.

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Car Seat Failure

The number one priority of any parent is their child’s safety. That is why it is extremely important for parents to be able to trust their child seat in their vehicle. Small children are unsafe sitting in the back seat of cars with just a seat belt, which makes special car seats essential. These seats are intended to provide children with a higher level of protection in the event of car accidents. Sadly, though, many of these trusted car seats are actually quite dangerous due to their tendency to fail when it counts. A shocking number of car seat failures happen every year, and the consequences can be devastating. Each year, car seat failure causes nearly one hundred deaths and injuries.

Child Seat Defects

When child seat manufacturers fail to perform rigorous testing on their products, they often fail to catch important defects that render car seats useless in the event of a crash. Some of the most common child car seat malfunctions that occur during accidents include:

The car seat buckle becomes unlatched
The base of the apparatus and the shell of the seat separate
The seat belt strapping the child seat in comes unlatched
During side impact, the seat cracks
The harness strap fails to restrain the child

A number of the child seats on the market, as well as many which have been recalled, have been tested by non-government agencies. These tests have shown a shocking number of car seats which are not up to par. Especially in rollovers and high speed crashes, these seats are capable of the terrible failure to protect a child.

If your child was injured in a car accident due to a defective car seat, don’t hesitate to pursue legal action against the negligent manufacturer. For more information on your legal rights, contact a Sheboygan personal injury attorney.

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Common Probation Violations

People are placed on probation for any number of reasons, and its important that they not violate the terms of their probations, since any violation can result in serious legal consequences. Sometimes, probation violations can result in an extension of ones probationary period, incarceration, hefty legal fines, and other penalties. The unfortunate part, however, is that many people who violate their probations don’t even know that they have done something illegal. Probation violations are actually rather common, but the penalties that accompany these violations can differ in severity, depending on the unique circumstances of the violation and the persons situation.

Knowing about and understanding your specific probation terms can prevent a lot of trouble legally. However, if a person has violated his or her probation in some way, there may still be options for avoiding harsher penalties.

Several Common Violations

Probation terms vary from person to person, but certain violations are more common, such as the following:

* Speaking or associating with a known felon
* Not showing up for a meeting with a probation officer
* Being charged with another crime while on probation
* Not passing a drug or alcohol test
* Not paying costs associated with court proceedings
* Not completing all of ones community service hours / assignments

All of these violations might result in a charge of probation violation. Violating ones probation, as stated above, can result in numerous penalties, but the most common is either an extension of a probationary period or jail time.

If youre facing charges of a probation violation, its important to have legal help at your side. You may be able to avoid the often harsh penalties associated with violating ones probation terms. If you or someone you know has been charged with probation violation, contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your legal options and defense.

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Options After A Truck Accident

Drivers of 18-wheeler trucks have a great responsibility to safely transport large amounts of goods and products every day all over the country. Unfortunately, sometimes truck driver error or trucking company negligence result in unsafe road conditions for any drivers who are near the truck driver. If a truck accident occurs, the potential for serious physical injuries is great. Because trucks are so large, they almost always cause significant damage to any other vehicle that is involved in an accident with them.

Recovering from a truck accident can be extremely difficult, both physically and financially. If a person is contending with serious physical injuries, he or she might be facing huge medical bills, including paying for emergency treatment, the use of expensive medical equipment, prescription medications, physical therapy, and other costs. Injured victims might also not be able to return to work after an injury, which can make maintaining the normal life or quality of life difficult, if not impossible. However, if a person suffers from a truck driver’s negligence or dangerous actions, he or she could be eligible for financial compensation.

What You Can Do

Truck accidents can leave victims feeling helpless and overwhelmed with all of their expenses and injuries. But victims may be able to take action after a truck accident and should consider doing the following:

– Gathering evidence for a claim
– Documenting any bills and collecting receipts
– Taking pictures of damage
– Consulting with an attorney

There are many things that a truck accident victim might be able to do to combat the effects of their injury, but one of the most important might be to consult with an attorney. If you or someone that you love has been injured by a negligent or dangerous truck driver, contact an experienced Lake Geneva personal injury lawyer today to discuss your legal position and how you might be eligible to obtain financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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DUI While Operating A Commercial Vehicle

DUI, or driving under the influence, is an extremely serious offense that, unfortunately, many people find themselves facing. Such a charge can carry severe penalties that could drastically alter a persons life. This may be particularly true when a driver is operating a commercial vehicle, as charged can be greatly exacerbated in these circumstances.

Due to the size of most commercial vehicles and the number of hours these drivers spend on the road, commercial drivers have added responsibilities compared to drivers without this special license. Because driving is a commercial drivers livelihood, being charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence may be accompanied by more severe legal penalties if they are convicted. Regrettably for any driver in this situation, a person facing such a charge could find themselves with life-altering consequences if they are convicted with a DUI.

Possible Penalties

The specific penalties that are often place upon those convicted of driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle vary, based on the exact circumstances of a case. However, some of the potential consequences might involve:

  • Alcohol awareness courses
  • Mandatory probation
  • Loss of driver’s license or commercial license
  • Hefty legal fines
  • Property replacement costs
  • Jail or prison time

These consequences are placed upon people who are convicted of a DUI while driving a commercial vehicle. Thus, it is important to both understand your legal rights in this situation and to know that there is someone willing to fight for and support you through this difficult time.

If you or someone you know has been accused of driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle, contact an experienced DUI attorney today to discuss how a knowledgeable legal professional can prepare a strong defense or case for you, increasing your chances of having your sentence reduced or your charges dismissed entirely.

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Cyber Laws Standing Alone Cannot Stop Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day due to an increase in unemployment and poverty. Hackers do not find an appropriate job that suits their personality so when anyone offers them to enter into cyber crimes for payment and no one would catch them, they just accept it blindly. It is the right time to stop all this evil. Cyber law define the act that one should not do and attach a punishment with it. These laws do not state how one can transform these hackers to an honest person and then use their intellectual for the betterment of the country.

Internet regulation laws are related to the internet which is not just restricted to one field only but is surrounding this whole spherical planet. Therefore, these crimes not only hurt the privacy of a particular individual or a firm but are a threat to the infrastructure and the economy of a nation. International companies may stop to investing in such nations where they find a defect in technological laws or they may feel that cyber laws are not sufficient enough for protecting their privacy. When such cases happen then foreign direct investment, which is an important backbone for increasing the gross domestic production of a country, runs out due to which the nation may run into deficit.

So these hackers, directly and indirectly, are becoming a big issue day by day. Punishment or internet laws are not enough to stop these cyber crimes. One has to take serious action regarding them and Cyber laws need more modification. Not only this, an investigation team must be formed that should find out the main cause that have led people to become hackers and then help them fight this cause. The reason for these crimes has to be abolished else catching few hackers is not the victory. Victory lies in abolishing the roots of this evil.

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