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Many marriages, although not everyones, operate with a traditional distribution of duties by letting one spouse provide financial support for the family while the other handles the domestic responsibilities. When such a couple decides to file for a divorce, the financially dependent spouse can be left in an extremely disparate financial situation. This not uncommon occurrence led to the establishment of alimony laws in order to ensure that formerly dependent spouses were able to make the transition from financial reliance to some sort of income. Divorce proceedings can be very emotionally stressful for couples, who may find it necessary to seek the services of an experienced divorce attorney to facilitate such issues as alimony.

Details of Alimony

Alimony, in some cases referred to as spousal support, will depend on the marital situation that someone is coming from. The factors of that situation will determine the amount as well as the temporary or permanent nature of the payments. Following are several of the considerations that a court will take into account when considering a decision on granting alimony or not, and in what amount:

Length of the marriage
Income of each spouse
Age of the spouses
Health of the spouses
Amount requested by the dependent spouse
Financial opportunities for either party

Whatever position you are in after the divorce, it may be in your best interest to seek professional legal representation in order to ensure that your interests are well presented.

Legal Options

If you are currently filing for divorce and are attempting to receive or to prevent paying alimony, you can likely help your case by contacting an Oceanside divorce lawyer. An experienced attorney can not only answer any questions you may have about filing for divorce and the particulars of alimony, but can also make sure that your view is well articulated and supported by the relevant facts.

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